Pressure Cleaning in Hervey Bay

How clean is the exterior of your house? How clean is your driveway? 

You don’t notice how much dirt and grime builds up on the exterior or your house, on the roof and on your driveway until it starts to make your property look shabby.

That’s when you need a pressure cleaning expert to make all the grime and dirt disappear.

Imagine the difference that house washing can make to your home

Look at the photos to see the difference that house washing can make to your home.

Pressure cleaning can make your home look almost new again, increase it’s kerb appeal and resale value. It can also reduce the need for expensive remedial work to remove mould that can bring health problems and literally stain your house.

Around your home we can:

  • Wash the exterior walls and roof
  • Clean your concrete paths and driveways
  • Get rid of dirt and grime from pavers and surfaces around pools.
  • Amaze you with the results that our expert team can achieve.

Imagine the difference pressure cleaning can make to your business

Your potential customers want to deal with a business that looks neat and well-kept. They will walk away from a business whose offices and premises look dirty and neglected

Pressure  cleaning your office or commercial premises can have a positive impact on your business as more customers / clients do business with you. That adds to your bottom line.

Around your office and commercial premises we can:

  • Wash exterior walls and roof for your office or commercial premises.
  • Wash the interior walls and ceilings in your workshop or storage facilities
  • Clean driveways and hard-standing areas.
  • Pressure clean heavy machinery that’s covered in thick mud.
  • Improve the look of your business by removing the build-up of dirt grime that has accumulated.

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See what a difference pressure washing can make to your driveway